About Us

The Day Hospital Association first came into being in 1992, ahead of its time in South Africa and part of the private healthcare industry, a complex landscape that would undergo numerous changes and be affected by various sectors and role-players over the following 20 years.


The period 2000-2005 in South Africa was marked by many day hospitals closed on account of hospital operators not comprehending the benefits of day hospitals and their future value in the private healthcare service delivery chain.


The DHA in its current form was revived in 2014 with the main objective of promoting day hospitals and the benefits of day surgery in South Africa.


Our Vision

To help to drive down the cost of private healthcare to make quality, affordable private healthcare available and accessible to more patients.

Our Objectives

  • To be recognised as a private healthcare role player and contributor in reducing the cost of private healthcare through the promotion and development of day hospitals.
  • To promote the advantages of day surgery procedures in day hospitals.
  • To actively be part of “the process” and “the solution” to reduce the cost of private healthcare through positive stakeholder engagements and relationships.
  • To actively participate and contribute to finding solutions to key issues faced by the hospital industry irrespective of its public or private nature.