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The growth potential of day hospitals and their value proposition

According to an article by Bibi Goss-Ros published on day hospitals hold immense potential. “The concept is globally proven – with only 15 percent of same-day surgical procedures currently performed in South Africa, compared to a global trend of about 70 percent”

Hospital costs have over the past escalated to unacceptable levels.  Medical schemes can make a difference by partnering and supporting the growth of an enlarged day hospital footprint which provides:

  • Healthy competition in the healthcare hospital market
  • The basis for growth in medical scheme membership.
  • Elimination of in-patient case management.
  • Peace of mind that a quality services are provided by modern facilities equipped to the same standards as competing acute hospitals.
  • An alternative cost-effective option for same-day surgical procedures.

Day hospitals are compact and custom-designed and equipped for a wide range of surgical procedures.  Staff overheads are reduced to one shift per day and patients and specialists benefit from the streamlined admission and turn-around times.  Acute hospitals are designed to cater for patients who are seriously ill and in need of additional facilities such as medical wards, surgical procedures where overnight stay is important, high care and intensive care units.  Many of these patients are admitted for more than one day.

We are positive that the healthcare cost pressures will steer more patients to day hospitals.  Many day hospitals are running at occupancies between 30 percent and 50 percent and have the capacity to double their volumes.  They are geared and ready for the migration of same-day surgical procedures from acute hospitals to day hospitals.

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