Welcome to the Day Hospital Association of South Africa (DHASA)

The Day Hospital Association of South Africa (DHASA) represents a footprint of day surgery facilities in South Africa.

Day Hospital Surgery Facilities are modern healthcare facilities focused on the provision of short procedure surgical services as well as diagnostic procedures, which need to be performed in an operating theatre on a same-day basis.

Day Surgery Facilities throughout the world have transformed the surgical experience for millions of patients by providing them with a more convenient alternative to hospital-based surgery, achieving the highest possible quality standards and positive patient experiences on a cost-effective basis.

Day Hospitals are the ideal alternative for children requiring same day surgery as the trauma of overnight stays are eliminated.

The Day Hospital Association;

  1. Does not negotiate tariffs or DSP’s, this is the responsibility of NHN.
  2. Is not part of NHN or the NHN Day Hospital Sub-committee.

Common Procedures

Common procedures at a Day Hospital in South Africa

Day Hospital facts

Benefits for Doctors

Day Hospital Association of South Africa, benefits for doctors

Benefits for Patients

Day Hospital Association of South Africa (DHASA) benefits for patients

Facts about day hospitals with the Day Hospital Association of South Africa

  • More than 60% of all surgical procedures can be performed in day hospitals. This is a result of advances in anaesthesiology, laparoscopic surgery and the requirement for shorter post-operative recovery periods
  • Day Hospitals are safe and less traumatic surgical environment when compared to acute hospitals
  • Patients in day hospitals are healthy patients, and are not exposed to hospital acquired infections
  • The cost effective advantages associated with day hospitals are accepted and recognised by medical schemes and seen as an important alternative to reduce costs
  • More than 6000 day hospitals are utilised in the United States to perform a host of short surgical procedures
  • Specialists enjoy the treatment of patients in day clinics in view of the fast turnaround time and enhanced productivity associated with these facilities.

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